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Episode 56: The Not-Gonna-Die-JUST-Yet Squad

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Episode is up and ready (a day late, I know- the Olympics are so captivating...) with fifteen books, news and sports chat! It was a long week to get to this point, what with the Suicide Squad screening Wednesday, and the Olympics all weekend, but I got through all my reading and here we are! Books Reviewed: 4001 AD War Mother 1, Art Ops 10, Battlestar Galactica (Classic) 1, Daredevil Annual 1, Deadpool 16, Deadpool - Too Soon Infinite Chapter 3, Deadpool v Gambit 3, Harley Quinn 1, Jughead 8, Justice League 2, Kill or Be Killed 1, Klaus 7, Moon Knight 5, Sheriff of Babylon 9, Suicide Squad - Rebirth and The Walking Dead 157. Thanks, as always- and enjoy!

News- 0:02:15

Books Pt1- 0:14:56

Sports Chat- 0:43:55

Books Pt2- 1:00:16

Pick of the Week 1:35:14

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