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Episode 59: Feelin Fine!

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Episode fifty-nine is up and running! This is the second week of my abridged outlining process for the podcast, and I have to say- I really like it! I hope you enjoy things the way they are now, too! The only thing I'm toying with the idea of changing at this point is maybe shaking things up in the "royalty free music" department. But beyond that, things are moving right along, and I'm quite happy with the direction we are headed in! Books reviewed this week: Archie 11, Blue Beetle - Rebirth, Captain Marvel 8, Clean Room 11, Deadpool 17, Faith (ongoing) 2, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 3, Hellblazer 1, Lake of Fire 1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual 1, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 10, Mosaic Prelude, Outcast 20, Star Wars 22, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 11 and Wonder Woman 5. Thanks, as always, for listening- and ENJOY!!

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books pt1- 0:19:08

sports- 0:42:56

books pt2- 0:56:02

pick of the week- 1:28:14

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