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Episode 58: Fifty Gr-Eight!!

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Episode fifty-eight is up and ready to put in your ears!!! get ready for a good, long episode, y'all! I have been thinking about making some changes, personal and life based changes, and those may impact the podcast, so I mention those AND the stuff in the short term (aka "Last Week") that made my schedule so hectic. I am hoping this new "format" of this show will make it easier to put out (on TIME, I might add) every week. Books Reviewed: All-New Wolverine 11, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 1, Black Hammer 2, Bob's Burgers 14, Brigg's Land 1, Deadpool Too Soon Infinite Comic Chapter 4, Demonic 1, The Fallen 1, I Hate Fairyland 8, Manifest Destiny 22, The Mighty Thor 10, Nightwing 3, Spawn Kills Everyone 1, Spider Woman 10, Suicide Squad 1, Supergirl Rebirth and Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic Chapter 7. Thanks, and as always- ENJOY!

News- 0:07:23

Books- 0:19:43

Sports- 0:49:41

Books Pt2- 1:03:45

Pick of the Week: 1:38:49

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