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Brightest Daycare Podcast Episode 053

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Episode fifty-three is on the books (figuratively speaking) and yes, I know, it is a whole day late- but I am finally kicking out this despicable summer cold that has hit me like a truck the last few days, and with the weather being as wet and still somehow oppressively hot, my sinuses are in a complete state of disarray. But that is neither here nor there- COMICS are the order of the day! I am here to talk about them! Two hours of comics, news, sports chatter and MORE! Also, if you are reading this- next week's episode may be on about the same schedule, because of SDCC, and all the things coming out all weekend long from it. So rather than attempt to just work with the Friday and Saturday news, I will most likely aggregate and put off recording the news until Monday night, then upload the podcast immediately following. Just to give you the heads up. Books reviewed: Birthright 17, Civil War II 3, Conan the Slayer 1, Daredevil 9, Deadpool 15, Goldie Vance 4, Hal Jordan - Rebirth 1, Kong of Skull Island 1, New Super Man 1, Nightwing Rebirth 1, Old Man Logan 8, Powerpuff Girls 1, The Six Million Dollar Man - The Fall of Man 1, Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Chapter 5, Wonder Woman 2 and Monstress Vol 1: Awakening. Thanks for listening, as always, and enjoy!

News- 0:02:27

Books Part 1- 0:20:23

Sports Chat- 0:52:44

Books Part 2- 1:18:23

Digital Corner/Trades- 1:53:34

Pick of the Week: 2:01:14

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