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Bightest Daycare Podcast Episode 052

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Episode fifty-two is here (a day late, I know, I know) and ready for you to put in your ears! I got a TON of reading done this week, so I review fifteen books, a bonus book, three digital books AND three trades! This was a crazy week outside comics and podcasting, too- the main reason (okay, ONLY reason) the podcast was behind schedule was because spent so much time playing Pokemon Go! over the weekend. I know, I'm a bad nerd... But still, a day late and a dollar short should be our new motto (y'know- since I do this for free, so "a dollar" is a pretty conservative estimate)! Books reviewed this week: Batman 2, Bob's Burgers 13, Bounty 1, Deadpool V Gambit 2, Deadpool Too Soon Infinite Chapter 1, Doctor Who - Four Doctors FCBD 2016 Special, Doctor Who - Supremacy of the Cybermen 1, Empress 4, Future Quest 2, Invader Zim 11, Justice League - Rebirth 1, KFC - The Colonel Corps 1, Moon Knight 4, Star Wars - Han Solo 2, Superman - Coming of the Supermen 6, The Flintstones 1, The Sheriff of Babylon 8, The Walking Dead 156, Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Chapter 4, Black Science Vol 2, Jessica Jones: Alias Vol 1 and Saga Vol 6. Thanks as always, and enjoy!

News: 00:01:16

Books Pt1: 00:14:39

Sports: 00:47:48

Books Pt2: 01:02:50

Digital/Bonus Books: 01:29:38

Pick of the Week: 01:53:33

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