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Brightest Daycare Podcast Episode 49

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Episode forty-nine is completed, ready for your waiting ears! You may have noticed, this week's episode was a little late- it's something I address in the episode, but it was a busy weekend at BDCHQ: ACE comic convention, Book of Mormon tickets and family obligations all added up to a SUPER busy weekend. The other thing you'll notice is that next week there won't be a new episode of the podcast. It's Father's Day weekend, and I am spending a lot of the weekend traveling in the Chicago suburbs, so it would be nigh-on impossible to have a full and effective family weekend AND find time (and a place, in a hotel) to record a regular episode. But, have no fear- I shall return the following week stronger and better than ever before!!!! But for now- enjoy Episode 49- "Who Watches the Justice League???". Books reviewed: Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel Digital Chapter 01, Birthright 16, Civil War II Amazing Spider-Man 1, Daredevil 8, Darth Vader 21, Empress 3, Green Lantern Corps - Edge of Oblivion 6, Injection 10, Invader Zim 10,  Star Trek - Manifest Destiny 4, The Flash Rebirth 1, The Sheriff of Babylon 7, Thunderbolts 2, Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic Chapter 1, Vision 8, Wacky Raceland 1 and Wonder Woman Rebirth 1. Thanks as always, and enjoy!

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