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Brightest Daycare Podcast Episode 43

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode forty-three is up and ready to put in your ears! This episode ended up being almost as long as last week- but i didn't have any Q&A submissions AND i reviewed five less books. so i don't really know what happened. but get ready for almost two hours of goodness- strap in! here we go! books reviewed: 4 kids walk into a bank 1, all-new wolverine 7, batman 66 meets the man from uncle 12, daredevil 6, deathstroke 17, doctor who the fourth doctor 2, faith 4, grayson 19, image plus 1, injection 9, james bond 6, joyride 1, last gang in town 5, micronauts 1, moon girl and devil dinosaur 6, old man logan 5, outcast 18, secret six 13, starbrand and night mask 5, star wars 18, the omega men 11 and x-men: worst x-man ever 3.

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