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Episode 074: Back in Black Holiday Special Mix-Up of Old Man Rockstars

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Episode Seventy-Four is in the can, ready for your listening pleasure! I got to see Rogue One this weekend, which was a pleasant change of pace from normal, house-based activities. I gave a spoiler-free review of the movie (without a real score, just my general feelings about the movie) plus touch on some other news bits, some sports chatting PLUS fourteen books reviewed this week. Next week will be a normal episode (maybe a day or two behind because of the holidays) but will ALSO include a 2016 Year in Review and "awards show" segment. I hope you're ready for the 75th episode spectacular!!! I know I am! Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

News- 0:02:29

Books Pt1- 0:25:38

Sports- 0:45:09

Books Pt2/Digital Corner- 0:55:53

Pick of the Week- 1:22:33

Total time- 1:31:04

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