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Episode 073: All-New Dark Mansion of the Moon Doctor’s Bionic Woman

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Episode seventy-three is ready to rock and roll in your ears! I got into plenty of news, some sports bits (including my current status in the Fantasy Football playoffs) and twelve comic book reviews! I am happy to report things are looking good for the holidays, and i shouldn't have to skip any episodes to accommodate them. I MAY need to shift the recording/release days around to make room for things, but as of this moment, everything is looking good for episodes through the new year! I hope you all have fun, safe plans for the holiday season, and as always thanks for listening, and enjoy!!! Books reviewed: A&A - The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong 10, All-New Wolverine 15, Deadman - Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 2, Deadpool 23, Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Infinite Comic Chapter 002, Faith (Ongoing) 6, Moon Knight 9, Nightwing 10, Star Wars - Doctor Aphra 1, The Unworthy Thor 2, The Walking Dead 161 and Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman 1.

News- 0:01:08

Books Pt1- 0:28:24

Sports- 0:48:56

Books Pt2- 0:59:04

Pick of the Week- 1:19:58

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