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Episode 068: Back from Podcation!

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So, some of you may have noticed things were a bit quiet at BDCHQ last week: well, I took a much needed break, so I could focus on kicking this nasty bronchitis/chest cold (which would have made recording QUITE an ordeal) and also to focus more on my OTHER love: sports. Namely, the Chicago Cubs historic run in the playoffs, and the breaking of a 108 year old title drought for the North Side ball club. It also afforded me the time to (almost) get caught up on reviewing episodes of Vixen on CWSeed, and to get (almost) caught up on all my reading so that I could start episode 69 fresh with a new, slim and trim format, and not feel quite so left behind! I was glad to take a break, and I hope you all didn't miss me TOO much, but I'm back now and (arguably) better than ever, so get ready to enjoy!

Books reviewed: Week 1- Birthright 20, Deadpool 21, The Hellblazer 3, Outcast 22, Vision 12, Wonder Woman 9, Here's Negan Chapter 7; Week 2- Moon Knight 8, Nightwing 8, Sheriff of Babylon 12, Southern Bastards 15, The Unworthy Thor 1, The Walking Dead 160 and Doctor Strange The Punisher Magic Bullets Infinite Comic Chapter 001. Thanks, as always and, enjoy!!!

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