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Episode 071: A.T. - After Thanksgiving

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Episode Seventy-One is comin' down the pike at ya! The big turkey day has passed, and I awoke from my tryptophan coma and got down to business reading and reviewing comics! The episode ended up a bit behind schedule, because I lost my whole second half of the podcast due to a software crash (and also, my not immediately saving my recordings before trimming and editing the audio). But I pressed on, re-recorded the segment, and you get to enjoy Books Part 2, Take 2! Thanks, as always- and enjoy!!! Books reviewed: A.D. - After Death Book 1, A Year of Marvels - November Infinite Comic 001, Captain Marvel 10, Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor 7, Empress 7, The Flash 11, The Hellblazer 4, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 13, Outcast 23, Star Wars 25, Super Powers 1 and Wonder Woman 11.

News- 0:03:32

Books Pt1- 0:13:34

Sports- 0:40:20

Books Pt2- 0:53:33

Pick of the Week- 1:13:41

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