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Episode 070: Seventy is the New Fifty

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Episode 70 is on the books, and it wound up being a bit longer than I expected (not by much, but enough to mention it). I got into some news bits, plenty of sports chatting (fantasy and otherwise) PLUS thirteen comics! I hope everyone is gearing up as heavily as I am for thanksgiving, getting yourself stretched out and limbered up, ready to eat your own weight in holiday sides. I just hope everyone out there has a positive and welcoming time, because I know the holidays can be tough, and family can be difficult sometimes (especially in our current situation, I am sure there is a lot of division out there) I just hope we all find a way to come together and to stay positive! Enjoy the holiday, and enjoy this episode of the Brightest Daycare Podcast!!! Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 14, Black Hammer 5, Caver Carson 2, Deadpool 22, Doctor Strange/The Punisher - Magic Bullets Infinite Comic Chapter 002, Jessica Jones 2, KISS 2, Nightwing 9, Old Man Logan 13, Reborn 2, Slapstick Infinite Comic Chapter 002, Thanos 1 and Trinity 3. Thanks, as always, and enjoy!

News- 0:02:26

Books Pt1- 0:16:04

Sports- 0:34:55

Books Pt2- 0:50:54

Pick of the Week- 1:15:36

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