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Episode 067: Looking Back on my Thirtieth Year...

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Episode sixty-seven is on the books! This last week had been a crazy one, what with my thirty-first birthday, the Cubs making the World Series, and coming down with a pretty wicked case of chest/sinus congestion that made me cough A LOT over the recording sessions. But, I persevered. I would not be laid low by some pedestrian ailment! But, to be fair, I am taking a week off next week for the Cubs' World Series games... So, I will not be impeded by illness, but I will let myself be led astray by sports ball.

Books reviewed: Batman 9, The Beauty 11, Black Hammer 4, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 1, Deadpool Back in Black 2, Doctor Who - Third Doctor 2, Faith (ongoing) 4, KISS 1 (2016), Love and Rockets 1 (2016), Manifest Destiny 24, Nightwing 7, Spider-Woman 12, Star Trek - Boldly Go 1, Trinity 2, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 13, Deadpool - Too Soon Infinite Comic Chapter 8 and Slapstick Infinite Comic Chapter 1. Thanks, and as always- ENJOY!!!

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