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Episode 066: All-Star Burger Detective Duck Hammer Knights the Old Man Reborn as a Sheriff with a Will of Wonder

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Episode 66 is here, and my ridiculous title is too long to even fit on the dang line! It was a pretty straightforward episode this week; not a ton of news or sports, no digital or bonus books and just fifteen books straight up and down! I had pushed off recording on sunday because i just got super busy, and knocked the rest out Monday morning, which feels good to be productive on a Monday- right? Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy! Books reviewed: All-Star Batman 3, Bob's Burgers 16, Daredevil 12, Deadpool 20, Detective Comics 942, Howard the Duck 11, James Bond - Hammerhead 1, Moon Knight 7, Monstress 7, Old Man Logan 12, Reborn 1, Sheriff of Babylon 11, Superwoman 3, Warhammer 40,000 - Will of Iron 1 and Wonder Woman 8.

News- 0:01:35

Books Pt1- 0:16:55

Sports- 0:35:41

Books Pt2- 0:41:23

Pick of the week- 1:12:21

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