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Episode 065: Archie Meets Batman Excaping from New York, in Deadman’s Dark Green Shade of Dead

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Episode sixty-five is live, and ready to put into your ears! I got sidetracked by the presidential debate last night, and it sapped me of my drive to do anything, even podcast, so I had to push it back. But I am back and better (arguably) than ever, baby!!! I got TWO WHOLE HOURS out of this one, because there was a TON of new out of NYCC, and we even had our first Q&A submission in a while! So get your ears ready to hear some dulcet tones and fancy words, because a new episode of the Brightest Daycare Podcast is coming your way!!!! Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 13, Archie Meets Ramones one-shot, Batman 8, Big Trouble in Little China Escape from New York 1, Cage 1, Champions 1, Clean Room 12, Deadman - Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 1, Deadpool - Back in Black 1, Deadpool - Too Soon Infinite Comic Chapter 7, Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor 6, Green Valley 1, Jessica Jones 1, Nightwing 6, Shade - The Changing Girl 1 and The Walking Dead 159! Thanks, as always, and enjoy!!!!!!

News- 0:01:17

Q&A- 0:30:53

Books Pt1- 0:50:52

Sports- 01:17:26

Books Pt2- 1:27:39

Pick of the Week- 1:58:08

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