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Episode 089: BDCMan '89

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Episode eighty-nine is up and roaring away through the internet to your ears! I had quite a weekend, and recording day was not without it's own drama (I don't want to get into too many gritty details, just to say that I had a Monday to rival plenty of bad Mondays). I was able to still get into some news, sports and reviews- and even got to watch the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, so the delays did have SOME benefits. I am glad to have this episode up and done, though, because I dont think I could have held out and done anymore work for it on Tuesday... Thanks, as always, for listening and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 19, Amory Wars - Good Apollo, I'm A Burning Star IV 1, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 5, Green Lanterns 20, Invader Zim 18, Iron Fist 2, Nightwing 18, The Sovereigns 0, Spider-Man Deadpool 16, Star Wars 30, The Walking Dead 166 and X-Men Gold 1.

News- 0:03:25

Books Pt1- 0:21:58

Sports Chat- 0:36:22

Books Pt2- 0:42:06

Pick of the Week- 01:02:50

Total- 1:12:04

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