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Episode 88: Mercs Outcast The Hunger with Banana Splits

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Episode eighty-eight is up and ready (and not a moment too soon!!!) and you better get your ears limber and ready!!! I have been fighting off a sinus/head cold for the last week or so, and it really caught up to me on Sunday- so as a result, this episode was recorded on Monday, and even MONDAY got away from me, so this got finished Monday night- so hopefully it is up across all platforms by Tuesday morning. Sorry for things getting out of hand, hopefully I'm back to 100% next week, and can keep ahead of the curve for a while... Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Back to the Future - Biff to the Future 3, Clean Roon 17, Deadpool and the Mercs for Money 9, Doctor Who the Ninth Doctor 11, Green Lantern - Space Ghost Special, Jughead - the Hunger, Old Man Logan 20, Outcast 26, Spider-Woman 17, Suicide Squad - Banana Splits Special and X-Men Prime 1.

News- 0:02:45

Books Part 1- 0:26:07

Sports- 0:39:31

Books Part 2- 0:53:31

Pick of the Week- 1:09:40

Total- 1:19:25

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