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Episode 087: The Beauty Hammer's Curse Fist

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Episode eighty-seven is ready to put in your ears!!! I am recovering from a really bad sore throat/nasal congestion thing, so don't adjust your sound, I'm sure it's me who sounds off. I had a busy weekend moving stuff around the house and painting, so I am certain the dust got to me (plus spending time around my parents' dogs always does a number on me) but, I am back at it again! I had the standard eleven books this week, quite a bit of news and some sports chat thrown in there for good measure! Also new this week, I now have merchandise for the podcast- My wife designed a couple new logos and made two shirts and a few other items for launch day- a travel mug, a coffee mug, a phone case and hoodies. So, if you ever wanted to support Brightest Daycare out in the wild, and show people you listen to a podcast about comics recorded in some dude's basement- then is the place for you! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: The Beauty 13, Birthright 23, Black Hammer 7, Curse Words 3, The Flash 19, Iron Fist 1, The Magdalena 1, Star Trek - Green Lantern 4, The Unworthy Thor 5, Wonder Woman 19 and X-O Manowar 1.

News- 0:02:10

Books Pt 1- 0:27:08

Sports Chat- 0:47:12

Books Pt 2- 1:00:25

Pick of the Week- 1:18:44

Total- 1:28:45

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