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Episode 086: American Bat-Devil's Destiny Revelation Storm

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Episode eighty six is on tap, ready to pour! It was a pretty straightforward week, so the episode itself is also pretty by-the-book. I got into a bit of sports (NCAA March Madness) and some news (new comic previews and my brief spoiler-free recap of Logan) and then I got into eleven books! Time to dive in for another week of the Brightest Daycare Weekly Podcast! Thanks as always, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: American Gods - Shadows 1, Batwoman 1, Daredevil 18, Deadpool the Duck 5, Green Lanterns 19, Injection 11, Manifest Destiny 27, Nightwing 17, Trinity 7, Warhammer 40,000 - Revelations 1 and The Wild Storm 2.

News- 0:03:54

Books Pt1- 0:25:13

Sports- 0:40:15

Books Pt2- 0:45:27

Pick of the Week- 1:05:21

Total- 1:13:58

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