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An Update on All Things Brightest Daycare

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As many of you have noticed, it has been a rather quiet time at

This comes as a surprise even to myself, with my new full-time overnight job taking a lot more energy than originally expected (plus an over-eager five year old at home) and it has made keeping up with the podcast rather unwieldy, an untenable task.

So, it is after weeks deliberation, and days of writing this out in my head (most of those rough drafts were probably better written than this) that I announce Brightest Daycare is going on an indefinite hiatus.

It sucks to put those words down and make them official, but I just haven't been able to balance my new work/life schedules as they are PLUS add in the time each week to read, write and collect things for a podcast AND THEN notch out 2+ hours to record/edit/upload said podcast.

November and December are the most busy times of year for most people, myself included- and with my new job it is a 24/7 staffed position, so holidays off aren't something I can expect to have. So with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year rapidly approaching, and settling into my job/home situation, maybe in 2018 I will be able to revisit things here at BDCHQ and figure out a way to make things work.

But for now, I am turning out the lights and locking the door behind me, and I hate it.

I do not enjoy letting this happen, and I do not look forward to the coming weeks when this decision becomes more concrete.

I am sorry to do it like this, because I feel like I'm giving up (and that isn't something I enjoy) but, my work/life situation takes precedence over my hobbies, so for now, I have to hang up the mic and step back from things for a while.

I HAVE discussed possibly writing more reviews again- since that is something I can do without a schedule and without needing hours of time to devote to it all at once. But for the time being, things will go dark here at BDCHQ, and I MAY be back in some capacity at a far flung and as-of-yet undiscussed and undisclosed future date.



Thank you all for your support- reading and listening all this time,



-Ryan "Brightest Daycare" Clark

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Episode 114: A White Knight Lantern Captain, Manifest a Night Platoon, in a Spider War

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Episode 114 is here and ready for your ears!!! It's later in the week than I would have liked, but with my new job, my schedule is a bit up in the air at the moment... But that didn't stop me from talking about 14 books PLUS news and sports!!! I may shorten the episode next week, just to keep things moving, and by episode 116 things should be back to normal (I hope). Thanks for sticking with me, thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Batman - White Knight 1, Gotham City Garage Chapter 005, Green Lanterns 32, Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica 1, Journey to Star Wars - The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma 3, Manifest Destiny 31, Nightwing 30, Punisher - The Platoon 1, Slots 1, Spider-Man Deadpool 22, Star Wars 37, Thor Vs Hulk - Champions of the Universe Chapter 003 and The Walking Dead 172.

News- 0:01:40

Books Part 1- 0:12:29

Sports Chat- 0:28:18

Books Part 2- 0:33:17

Digital First/Bonus Books- 0:50:40

Pick of the Week- 0:54:40

Total: 1:01:46


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Episode 113: Magick Cable’s Hard Legacy of the New Southern War Woman

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Episode 113 is up and running, and it is a bigger than usual affair! I got into a bit of news (before next week's NYCC deluge) and some sports chat (prior to this week's MLB postseason kickoff). I surprisingly am 2-2 in fantasy football at this point, which is as surprising to me as anyone... I got through fourteen books this week, too! So dive on in and enjoy over seventy minutes of Brightest Daycare goodness! Thanks, as always, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Atomahawk Chapter 001, Black Magick 8, Cable 5, Crosswind 4, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 5, The Flash 31, Gotham City Garage Chapter 004, The Hard Place 2, Marvel Legacy 1, Nightwing - New Order 2, Southern Bastards 18, War Mother 2, Wonder Woman 31 and Wytches - Bad Egg Chapter 002.

News- 0:01:04

Books Part 1- 0:12:56

Sports Chat- 0:33:21

Books Part 2- 0:43:06

Digital/Bonus Books- 1:07:35

Pick of the Week- 1:14:32

Total- 1:23:20

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Episode 112: Angelic Old Hammer, a Dark Lantern to the Last Wing Wars

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Episode 112 is here, up and ready to rock n' roll! It took a lot of work to get this week's episode running- of course. I have an excuse for every occasion. My wife had a major week of company wide events last week, so we were working hard to keep things running smoothly at home, and then as a result of all her hard work, she wound up feeling pretty sick all weekend. But we are back on track, and the podcast is finished and eagerly awaiting your ears!!! It was a pretty straightforward week, with some news and sports and just twelve books reviewed this week. thanks, as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Angelic 1, Big Trouble in Little China - Old Man Jack 1, Black Hammer 13, Dark Ark 1, Green Lanterns 31, Journey to Star Wars- The Last Jedi Captain Phasma 2, Nightwing 29, Star Wars Adventures 2, Star Wars Annual 3, Thor vs. Hulk - Champions of the Universe Chapter 002, Trinity 13 and Wonder Woman - Conan 1.

News- 0:02:24

Books part 1- 0:15:39

Sports Chat- 0:30:29

Books part 2- 0:35:45

Pick of the Week- 0:54:09

Total- 1:02:59


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Episode 111: BabyMetal Pool and the Miracle Realm of WarWomen

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Episode 111 is up and running, comin' at ya!!! It was quite a week getting to this point- The week was rough, and Sunday I was out of town all day seeing Riot Fest in Chicago (Hot Water Music, Pennywise, Say Anything, Built to Spill, GWAR, Prophets of Rage and Jawbreaker) so I ended up not having the physical wherewithal to complete the podcast on Monday- then, Tuesday rolls around, and I get hit with a bunch of technical difficulties: chiefly the document with all my reviews and sports/news stuff was being REALLY difficult, and my laptop basically refused to comply with my needs. So, after some time, I was finally able to record, and I did! It was a bit shorter episode than I expected, but still over an hour, so I will chalk that up as a win! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Babyteeth 4, Birthright 26, Dark Nights - Metal 2, Deadpool 36, The Flash 30, Gotham City Garage Chapter 003, Mister Miracle 2, The Realm 1, Star Wars 36, Superwoman 14, Wonder Woman 30 and Youngblood 5.

News- 0:01:15

Books Part 1- 0:09:58

Sports Chat- 0:30:07

Books Part 2- 0:41:13

Pick of the Week- 1:01:26

Total- 1:09:06


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Episode 110: Dare Lantern’s Journey for a Red Diamondwing in the Scoundrel Adventure-verse

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Episode 110 is ready and waiting, so get in here!!! I got to review twelve books, talk about a handful of news stories and recap the week in sports- including Notre Dame and U of I football, the Cubs stagnating in the Central Division, and the first week of Fantasy Football!!! Thanks, as always, for listening and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed- Daredevil 26, Green Lanterns 30, Journey to Star Wars - The Last Jedi Captain Phasma 1, Kingsman - Red Diamond 1, Nightwing 28, Outcast 30, Scales and Scoundrels 1, Spider-Man Deadpool 21, Star Wars Adventures 1, Thor Vs. Hulk - Champion of the Universe 001, Venomverse 1 and The Walking Dead 171.

News- 0:02:51

Books Part 1- 0:18:24

Sports Chat- 0:37:22

Books Part 2- 0:47:20

Pick of the Week- 01:07:59

Total- 01:17:24


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Episode 109: Force Friday? Force Fri-NO Way!!!

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 109 is here and ready for your ear holes!!! Sorry for the extensive delay this week (again! gosh, I am always so behind lately...) but with Tiny Batman's fifth birthday, the holiday weekend, and everyone fighting off a cold in our house, the energy level has been a bit lower than usual in the podcast studio. But here we are! An eighty minute episode, with FOURTEEN books, news and sports!!! That should almost make up for it, right guys?!?! right??? anyway- thanks, as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Books reviewed: Black Magick 7, Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special, Crosswind 3, Darkseid special, Deadpool 35, Doctor Who - The Lost Dimension Alpha, Gotham City Garage Chapter 02, Gwar - Orgasmageddon 3, Kingsmen - The Big Exit Chapter 001, Secret Empire 10, Star Wars 35, Star Wars Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu 1, Wonder Woman 29 and Wyches - Bad Egg Chapter 001.

News- 0:01:54

Books Part 1-0:15:01

Sports Chat- 0:34:55

Books Part 2- 0:46:01

Digital First/Bonus Books- 1:04:35

Pick of the Week- 1:15:22

Total- 1:23:44


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Episode 108: The Hammer of DevilPool, Flash of a Generation, Hard Manhunter and the New Order’s Empire of War

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Episode one hundred and eight is locked and loaded, ready for your ears! I actually planned to have this episode up and out by Monday night, and I came pretty close to meeting my goal this time around(go me!). I have my family league fantasy football draft on Tuesday, so I was trying extra hard to give myself at least a few hours separation between the two activities. This week was a pretty straightforward episode- eleven books, news and actually a few decent sports bits to talk about. Next week I will have my fantasy draft to recap, so look out for that! Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!

News- 0:02:42

Books Part 1- 0:17:34

Sports Chat- 0:35:30

Books Part 2- 0:47:19

Pick of the Week- 1:03:00

Total- 1:10:09

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Episod 107: The Dark Divinity of Night Man’s Southern Wars Garage

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 107 is here, folks! I got back into the swing of things, and this week feels more like "business as usual" even though it was recorded at the eleventh hour again (sorry about that- I am hoping for things to get better from here on out). My work situation has gotten a bit more hectic, and I am hoping that it won't negatively impact the podcast going forward, but life is what it is, so we will see. I got to review twelve books this week, plus news and sports, so it was a nice, full episode this week! Thanks, as always, for listening and enjoy!

Books reviewed- Dark Nights - Metal 1, Divinity 0, Generations All-New Wolverine and Wolverine, Gotham City Garage Chapter 001, Green Lanterns 29, Nightwing 27, Sandman Special, Sheena - Queen of the Jungle 0, Southern Bastards 17, Star Wars 34, Trinity 12 and Wonder Woman 28

News- 0:01:31

Books Part 1- 0:23:56

Sports Chat- 0:40:32

Books Part 2- 0:49: 39

Digital/Bonus Books- 1:10:22

Pick of the Week- 1:13:52

Total- 1:26:39

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Episode 106: BabyPool Manifests a Miracle of the Red Empire’s SuperBlood

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Episode 106 is here (a day later than I had planned- sorry about that...) and it's a quick one! I didn't get too deep into news bits, or the sports chat, and only had time this week to do my straight up eleven reviews, so it was a TIGHT 53 minute podcast this time around! The weekend caught up with me, working and getting things ready for Tiny Batman to start preschool this week. THEN on Monday, I had a full day of training for my new job during daytime hours, when I would usually be doing a combination of napping/podcasting, so that threw a wrench in the works. But, I buckled down and made it happen on Tuesday (the latest I ever want a podcast to go out) and it is ready for your ears!!! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 23, Babyteeth 3, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 3, The Flash 28, Manifest Destiny 30, Mister Miracle 1, Redlands 1, Secret Empire 8, Star Wars: Rogue One - Cassian/K2SO, Superwoman 13 and Youngblood 4.

News- 0:02:39

Books Part 1- 0:11:25

Sports Chat- 0:24:43

Books Part 2- 0:29:46

Pick of the Week- 0:44:30

Total- 0:52:48


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Episode 105: The ElseKon and the Grumpy Injection Special

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 105 is up and running (a bit shorter this week than expected...) and ready to jump in your ears!!! It has been a bit hectic around BDCHQ adjusting to my new work/life balance, and top it all off with a busted bathroom sink- it's been a wild week. But, as I write this, things are moving forward on all fronts, and the future is looking bright! I am happy to be getting this episode out a bit behind schedule, but still farther ahead than I was last week- improvement is improvement, eh? So I have that to hang my hat on! Otherwise, it was a pretty straightforward week, nothing massive in the news or sports side of the podcast, and just the standard eleven books to review. Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy! 

Books reviewed: Elsewhere 1, Galaktikon 1, Generations: The Strongest, Green Lanterns 26, Grumpy Cat - Garfield 1, Injection 14, New Gods Special, Nightwing 26, Samaritan - Veritas 3, Spider-Man Deadpool 20 and The Walking Dead 170.

News- 0:01:43

Books Part 1- 0:12:08

Sports Chat- 0:28:09

Books Part 2- 0:36:51

Pick of the Week- 0:51:30

Total- 1:00:24



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Episode 104: The Black Wind of Doctor Force and the Outcast Empire

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 104 is up and running, after a long weekend at my new job- which went well, it just didn't afford me the downtime to finish the episode ahead of time like I had hoped. But, I am still adjusting to the new schedule, so in a few weeks, I should be able to get back on track. Things don't seem to be untenable with the new work situation, so that is a big plus! This episode is going up basically a day after when I would prefer that it go up, but I am hopeful next week will be a bit closer to "normal", but only time can tell... Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Black Hammer 11, Bloodstrike 1 Remastered Edition, Cable 3, Crosswind 2, Deadpool 34, Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor 14, Faith and the Future Force 1, The Flash 27, Here's Negan 16, Outcast 29, Secret Empire 7, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Usagi Yojimbo 1 and Wonder Woman 27.

News- 0:01:57

Books Part 1- 0:13:31

Sports Chat- 0:30:40

Books Part 2- 0:41:33

Digital/Bonus- 0:57:15

Pick of the Week- 1:04:41

Total- 1:11:27


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Episode 103: SDCC '17 Wrap-Up

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 103 is in the books (albeit later than even I assumed) and ready for you to enjoy with your ears, brains and hearts! SDCC was massive- the news section alone took up nearly half of this week's episode, and there was still TONS I didn't mention... Comic Con is always a busy time, so as a result, there was much less Sports Chat to be had this week- but, hopefully, next week things will return to normalcy (relatively, anyway...). I started my new job, so I am excited, but my schedule will be pretty hard to nail down over the comic weeks, because my work/sleep schedule now has to change rather drastically. I am still planning on getting this podcast up and out by Monday of each week, for at least the next several weeks, and after that, I will re-assess how I want this whole thing to go. But no major changes just YET, so enjoy this big episode of the podcast, running down SDCC news and twelve comic reviews!!!! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Across The Universe - KFC/DC Crossover Comic #3, Astonishing X-Men 1, Clue 2, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe - Again 2, Ducktales 0, Generation Gone 0, Green Lanterns 27, Nightwing 25, Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man 2, Secret Empire 6, Sisters of Sorrow 1 and Trinity 11.

News- 0:02:29

Books Part 1- 0:46:19

Sports Chat- 1:01:44

Books Part 2- 1:05:52

Digital/Bonus- 1:22:37

Pick of the Week- 1:26:28

Total- 1:34:37

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Episode 102: Dark Pods - The 'Casting

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 102 is on the books! Get ready for a bunch of D23 news, a little in the way of Sports Chat and eleven books! This was a pretty straightforward week, and with SDCC just around the corner, things are going to get crazy!!!! Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!!

Books reviewed: Dark Days - The Casting, Deadpool 33, The Flash 26, Old Man Logan 26, Planet of the Apes - Green Lantern 6, Skin and Earth 1, Spider-Men II 1, Superwoman 12, War for the Planet of the Apes 1, Wonder Woman 26 and Youngblood 3

News- 0:01:17

Books Part 1- 0:20:53

Sports Chat-0:32:52

Books Part 2- 0:38:43

Pick of the Week- 0:52:18

Total- 1:01:35

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Episode 101: Did't Lose A Hand to Fireworks, the Roadtrip and More

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode 101 is one for the books, as a wrap up a crazy week- I accepted a new job working overnights, one that should allow me more time to read/write/podcast prep; plus Sunday was a family road trip, where I got to check out a really cool collection of slabbed books AND spend the afternoon in the pool. Plus getting all the reading, writing and recording done for this week's podcast... yikes! Big things happened this week! Things shouldn't be changing around BDCHQ too much in the short term, because I am still hopeful that I can keep up my normal schedule (and add a few more written reviews in) with this new work situation. Episode 101 is back to business as usual, thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 22, Babyteeth 2, The Beauty 16, Daredevil 23, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 1, Green Lanterns 26, Nightwing 24, Samaritan - Veritas 2, Spider-Man Deadpool 19, Star Wars 33 and The Walking Dead 169.

News- 0:02:55

Books Part 1- 0:15:06

Sports Chat- 0:31:49

Books Part 2- 0:41:52

Pick of the Week- 1:00:28

Total- 1:12:33

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Episode 100: Two Years In, and I STILL Don't Know What I'm Doing...

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode one hundred is here, after a week away from the mic- I was ready to get back to business! I put two weeks of books together, and a handful of news and sports tidbits. I was hoping that this episode would be recorded sooner, but the holiday weekend got away from me. I ended up carving out recording time on the fourth, which was nice- and i got a 97-minute podcast out of it! I reviewed twenty-one books, talked some news and sports, and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things with a normal sized episode next week (the week's books come out in less than 24 hours from this moment, so it's less of a break than I make it out to be). Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed:

6/21- Batman 25, Black Hammer 10, Crosswind 1, Daredevil 22, God Country 6, Green Lanterns 25, Nightwing 23, Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man 1, Trinity 10 and Weapons of Mutant Destruction 1.

6/28- Batman - Elmer Fudd Special, Black Magick 6, Cable 2, Clue 1, Deadpool vs Punisher 5, The Flash 25, Secret Empire 5, Star Wars - Droids Unplugged 1, Wonder Woman 25, X-O Manowar 4 and Here's Negan 15.

News- 0:02:42

Books Week 1- 0:24:53

Sports- 0:51:00

Books Week 2- 1:02:56

Total- 1:37:50

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Episode 099: All-New Birth Forges Destiny of Old Man's Secret Weapon, Woman

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode ninety-nine is here to rock and roll for EIGHTY solid minutes! This will have to tide you over for two weeks, since I am taking off a week and doubling down for number 100! I got to eleven books this week, plus news and sports! I hope you won't miss me too much while I'm gone- but don't worry, I'll be back in force for the anniversary episode. Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 21, Birthright 25, Dark Days - The Forge, Deadpool 32, The Flash 24, Manifest Destiny 29, Old Man Logan 25, Secret Empire 4, Superwoman 11, Weapon X 4 and Wonder Woman 24

News- 0:02:00

Books Part 1- 0:23:08

Sports Chat- 0:42:35

Books Part 2- 0:49:00

Pick of the Week- 01:09:44

Total- 01:22:06

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Episode 098: BabyDevil LanternMagedon Injects the Outcast Devil Blood

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode ninety-eight is up and ready to get inside your head. I got this week's episode up and running at a good pace, and was excited to see it clock in at over 75 minutes! Next week should be another episode of business as usual, and then I'll be taking a week off before episode 100. So be aware thats coming, but then episode 100 will be a double-size anniversary special, so I hope that makes up for it! Thanks as alway, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Babyteeth 1, Batman 24, Daredevil 21, Green Lanterns 24, Gwar - Orgasmageddon 1, Injection 13, Nightwing 22, Outcast 28, Spider-Man Deadpool 18, The Walking Dead 168 and Youngblood 2.

News- 0:03:35

Books Part 1- 0:26:47

Sports Chat- 0:46:20

Books Part 2- 0:54:44

Pick of the Week-1:10:21

Total- 1:18:19

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Episode 097: CablePool Flashes Forever the Old, Secret Annuals

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode ninety-seven is up and ready to go into your ears! The week went off well, I am actually uploading this on Monday (a personal feat in my mind) and there was quite a bit of stuff to get through this week- some news, some sports and twelve books! I am keeping this pace up for two more weeks, then taking a week off, and doing a double-sized anniversary episode for number 100!!! It's been almost two years- can you believe it?!?! Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Cable 1, Deadpool 31, Deadpool vs Punisher 4, Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor 13, The Flash 23, Here's Negan Chapter 014, Kiss - Forever Special, Moon Knight 14, Old Man Logan 24, Secret Empire 3, Trinity Annual 1 and Wonder Woman Annual 1.

News- 0:02:11

Books Part 1- 0:16:36

Sports Chat- 0:35:16

Books Part 2- 0:44:06

Pick of the Week- 1:03:09

Total- 1:13:51

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Episode 096: The Archies Shadow Hammer Wonder-O-War

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode ninety-six is up and running (sorry for the delay- holiday weekends always mess with me). I got to twelve books this week, and quite a bit of news and sports. I am hoping that the next couple weeks go according to plan, and that we make our way to episode 100 without much drama. I do still think that taking the week off after episode ninety-nine is a good way to go, it will put episode 100 at the almost exact two year mark, which is pretty cool, eh? Anyway, here goes another Brightest Daycare Podcast- thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: The Archies One-Shot, Batman - The Shadow 2, The Beauty 15, Black Hammer 9, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 008, I Am Groot 9, KISS 8, Rapture 1, Samaritan - Veritas 1, The Totally Awesome Hulk 19, Wonder Woman 23 and X-O Manowar 3

News- 0:02:32

Books Part 1- 0:12:20

Sports Chat- 0:27:16

Books Part 2- 0:37:01

Pick of the Week- 0:59:31

Total- 1:09:42


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