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Episode 095: The Button Finale -OR- BatDevil and the Doctor Lantern's Secret Broken Mirror

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Episode ninety-five is ready to roll, with twelve books, news and sports! It was a good week, for sports and news bits (some things Monday didn't make the cut, but such is life). I got quite a bit of sports to talk about and plenty more news bits than I expected coming into this week. I hope you enjoy the slow progression towards episode 100, which should be a nice big event (I may take off the week after 99 to let the milestone episode be a double-sized two week affair- but I haven't decided yet). Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Batman 23, Birthright 24, Daredevil 20, Deadpool vs Punisher 3, Doctor Who - 12th Doctor Year Three 3, The Flash 22, Green Lanterns 23, Nightwing 21, Secret Empire 2, Spawn 25th Anniversary Directors Cut Issue 1, Star Trek - The Next Generation: Mirror Broken 1 and Star Wars 31.

News- 0:02:49

Books Part 1- 0:28:17

Sports Chat- 0:42:45

Books Part 2- 0:53:36

Pick of the Week- 1:12:48

Total- 1:23:29

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Episode 094: The One With the FCBD Burnout

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Episode ninety-four is up and running, and while I was running out of steam this last week- I was undeterred from putting out another full episode! I think between some busy times at home, Free Comic Book Day AND Mother's Day, I just ran out of steam this weekend, and felt the fatigue set in. I am still excited for next week's books- especially the finale of The Button, the second installment of Secret Empire and a new Star Trek: The Next Generation book kicks off, too! So, don't take my lethargy or unenthused manner for anything other than i need for more caffeine, and to not put off recording until Monday night... that was a bad idea... But the episode is up and ready, with eleven books, news and sports- PLUS a pair of shout-outs for a couple other podcasts that have seen fit to promote Brightest Daycare on their shows: Jake and Tom Conquer the World (@thedrunkendork on Twitter) and Brody's Kitchen (@brodyskitchen on Twitter) - these guys gave my little show a shout, so I felt the need to return the favor (probably MONTHS late for Jake and Tom... Sorry fellas!). Thanks for listening, and as always, enjoy!


Books reviewed: A.D. - After Death Book 3, All-New Wolverine 20, Bug - The Adventures of Forager 1, Deadpool 30, Invader Zim 19, Old Man Logan 23, Planet of the Apes - Green Lantern 4, Red Sonja - The Long Walk to Oblivion one-shot, Superwoman 10, Weapon X 3 and Wonder Woman 22.

News- 0:03:01

Books Pt1- 0:19:27

Sports Chat- 0:36:53

Books Pt2- 0:44:48

Pick of the Week-0:59:59

Total- 1:15:41


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Episode 093: The Button Part 3 - Destiny of the Outcast Hunters’ Secret Free Comic Book Day

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Episode ninety-three is live, and BOY is it a big ol' episode! I wound up reviewing TWENTY comics this week (eleven issues out Wednesday, one digital first title and eight FCBD comics, released on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day) plus news and sports, to round this episode out at just over two hours!!!! The week before was also Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) and the premier of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (A brief, spoiler-free review is in the news section). Sunday night, I wound up watching the last half of the record breaking (combined strikeouts in a single game) eighteen inning contest between the Yankees and the Cubs, in which the Cubs lost 5-4 in a more than 5 hour long contest.

The Wednesday release books I reviewed are: Batman 22, Green Lanterns 22, Iron Fist 3, Manifest Destiny 28, Nightwing 20, Outcast 27, Predator Hunters 1, Secret Empire 1, Spider-Man Deadpool 17, The Walking Dead 167 and Youngblood 1. The Digital First title I reviewed is Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 007.

The Free Comic Book Day books I review on the podcast are: Doctor Who - The Four Doctors FCBD 2017, All-New Guardians of the Galaxy/The Defenders FCBD 2017, I Hate Image FCBD 2017, Rick and Morty FCBD 2017, Secret Empire/Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man FCBD 2017, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FCBD 2017, Underdog FCBD 2017 and Valiant/X-O Manowar FCBD 2017.

News- 0:01:49

Books Pt. 1- 0:29:09

Sports Chat- 0:47:20

Books Pt. 2- 1:00:21

Digital First/FCBD Comics- 1:19:04

Pick of the Week- 1:51:06

Total- 2:05:58

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Episode 092: Doctor Flash and the Weapon-o-War

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Episode ninety two is here, and it is ready to rock your world! I got twelve reviews out of this week, a handful of news bits, some sports chatting, and a few calls to action for all you listeners out there!!! If you want to see (that's right- with your eyes!!!) me do an unboxing of the (hopefully) soon-to-be released Brigade #1 Kickstarter comics package (that will hopefully be delivered by mid- to late-May) please let me know how you would most likely view said content: Youtube, Facebook, as a video on the site, etc. etc.) and I will do my best to get a video made and uploaded shortly after receiving my Kickstarter rewards. Also- if you don't follow me on twitter, you can do so @bdccomics, like my pages on Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ AND I now have merchandise for sale at Redbubble. Feel free to check it all out! Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!!!!

This week I reviewed twelve books: Batman - The Shadow 1, Clean Room 18, Deadpool vs The Punisher 2, Doctor Who 12th Doctor Year 3 #2, Doctor Who 9th Doctor 12, The Flash 21, Here's Negan Chapter 013, Magdalena 2, Old Man Logan 22, Weapon X 2, Wonder Woman 21 and XO Manowar 2.

News- 0:02:03

Books Pt1- 0:22:58

Sports Chat- 0:40:37

Books Pt2- 0:48:59

Pick of the Week- 1:13:26

Total- 1:26:48

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Episode 091: The Button Curse Injection Trinity

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Episode ninety-one is up and ready for your listening pleasure (yes, yes- I know it was a bit behind schedule AGAIN this week...). I was hoping for a big week in the news and sports categories, but nothing really earth shattering happened, so I covered what news and sports passed in front of my face as best as I could. It was a straightforward week in books, too- just eleven. Even through all of that, I still managed to cobble together an 80-minute podcast (and it's not just 65 minutes of silence, either!). Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Batman 21, Black Hammer 8, Curse Words 4, Daredevil 19, Deadpool 29, Green Lanterns 21, Injection 12, Moon Knight 13, Nightwing 19, Superwoman 9 and Trinity 8.

News- 0:01:22

Books Pt1- 0:23:44

Sports Chat- 0:42:52

Books Pt2- 0:50:31

Pick of the Week- 1:08:51

Total- 1:22:54

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Episod 090: Nineties Nostalgia

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Episode ninety is up, ready for you to stick in your ears! This was a slow week for news and sports tidbits, but I got TWELVE books to review this week! Next weekend is C2E2 AND Record Store Day, so I will likely be busy, but still ready to get down on next weeks comics, news and sports for episode ninety-one! Thanks, as always, and enjoy!!!!

Books Reviewed: American Gods 2, Deadpool and the Mercs for Money 10, Deadpool vs Punisher 1, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 6, Doctor Who 12th Dcotor Year Three 1, The Flash 20, Mercury Heat 12, Old Man Logan 21, Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern 3, Rose 1, Weapon X and Wonder Woman 20.

News- 0:02:24

Books Pt1- 0:18:10

Sports- 0:38:35

Books Pt2- 0:46:57

Pick of the Week- 1:08:38

Total- 01:19:57

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Episode 089: BDCMan '89

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Episode eighty-nine is up and roaring away through the internet to your ears! I had quite a weekend, and recording day was not without it's own drama (I don't want to get into too many gritty details, just to say that I had a Monday to rival plenty of bad Mondays). I was able to still get into some news, sports and reviews- and even got to watch the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, so the delays did have SOME benefits. I am glad to have this episode up and done, though, because I dont think I could have held out and done anymore work for it on Tuesday... Thanks, as always, for listening and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 19, Amory Wars - Good Apollo, I'm A Burning Star IV 1, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 5, Green Lanterns 20, Invader Zim 18, Iron Fist 2, Nightwing 18, The Sovereigns 0, Spider-Man Deadpool 16, Star Wars 30, The Walking Dead 166 and X-Men Gold 1.

News- 0:03:25

Books Pt1- 0:21:58

Sports Chat- 0:36:22

Books Pt2- 0:42:06

Pick of the Week- 01:02:50

Total- 1:12:04

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Episode 88: Mercs Outcast The Hunger with Banana Splits

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Episode eighty-eight is up and ready (and not a moment too soon!!!) and you better get your ears limber and ready!!! I have been fighting off a sinus/head cold for the last week or so, and it really caught up to me on Sunday- so as a result, this episode was recorded on Monday, and even MONDAY got away from me, so this got finished Monday night- so hopefully it is up across all platforms by Tuesday morning. Sorry for things getting out of hand, hopefully I'm back to 100% next week, and can keep ahead of the curve for a while... Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Back to the Future - Biff to the Future 3, Clean Roon 17, Deadpool and the Mercs for Money 9, Doctor Who the Ninth Doctor 11, Green Lantern - Space Ghost Special, Jughead - the Hunger, Old Man Logan 20, Outcast 26, Spider-Woman 17, Suicide Squad - Banana Splits Special and X-Men Prime 1.

News- 0:02:45

Books Part 1- 0:26:07

Sports- 0:39:31

Books Part 2- 0:53:31

Pick of the Week- 1:09:40

Total- 1:19:25

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Episode 087: The Beauty Hammer's Curse Fist

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty-seven is ready to put in your ears!!! I am recovering from a really bad sore throat/nasal congestion thing, so don't adjust your sound, I'm sure it's me who sounds off. I had a busy weekend moving stuff around the house and painting, so I am certain the dust got to me (plus spending time around my parents' dogs always does a number on me) but, I am back at it again! I had the standard eleven books this week, quite a bit of news and some sports chat thrown in there for good measure! Also new this week, I now have merchandise for the podcast- My wife designed a couple new logos and made two shirts and a few other items for launch day- a travel mug, a coffee mug, a phone case and hoodies. So, if you ever wanted to support Brightest Daycare out in the wild, and show people you listen to a podcast about comics recorded in some dude's basement- then is the place for you! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: The Beauty 13, Birthright 23, Black Hammer 7, Curse Words 3, The Flash 19, Iron Fist 1, The Magdalena 1, Star Trek - Green Lantern 4, The Unworthy Thor 5, Wonder Woman 19 and X-O Manowar 1.

News- 0:02:10

Books Pt 1- 0:27:08

Sports Chat- 0:47:12

Books Pt 2- 1:00:25

Pick of the Week- 1:18:44

Total- 1:28:45

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Episode 086: American Bat-Devil's Destiny Revelation Storm

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty six is on tap, ready to pour! It was a pretty straightforward week, so the episode itself is also pretty by-the-book. I got into a bit of sports (NCAA March Madness) and some news (new comic previews and my brief spoiler-free recap of Logan) and then I got into eleven books! Time to dive in for another week of the Brightest Daycare Weekly Podcast! Thanks as always, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: American Gods - Shadows 1, Batwoman 1, Daredevil 18, Deadpool the Duck 5, Green Lanterns 19, Injection 11, Manifest Destiny 27, Nightwing 17, Trinity 7, Warhammer 40,000 - Revelations 1 and The Wild Storm 2.

News- 0:03:54

Books Pt1- 0:25:13

Sports- 0:40:15

Books Pt2- 0:45:27

Pick of the Week- 1:05:21

Total- 1:13:58

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Episode 085: Smarch Badness -OR- '85 - The Birth of a Podcaster

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty-five is here, and in honor of both March Madness brackets going live AND 1985 being my birth year, I couldn't decide on a title, so I give you TWO! So giving. Such benevolence. This week had quite a few news bits, and plenty of sports (if you're into that sort of thing...) and just the standard eleven books! So, strap in, pull up a chair and join me for another rip roarin' episode of the Brightest Daycare Weekly Podcast!!! Thanks, as always, and enjoy!


Books reviewed: All- New Wolverine 18, Back to the Future - Biff to the Future 2, The Flash 18, Green Valley 6, Justice League of America 2, Man-Thing 1, Old Man Logan 19, Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern 2, Spider-Man Deadpool 15, Superwoman 8 and Wonder Woman 18.

News- 0:01:49

Books Pt1- 0:17:32

Sports Chat- 0:31:32

Books Pt2- 0:43:52

Pick of the Week- 1:01:47

Total- 1:13:07

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Episode 084: I'll Be Back, in Emerald City

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty-four is here, and the title is a mashup of the 1984 classic film The Terminator line and the ECCC event on the west coast this weekend. Emerald City was full of news and reports of all varieties, so there was a lot for the news. There wasn't a ton of sports to go over this week, and next Sunday is the NCAA March Madness selection sunday, so I probably won't have a bracket put together next week, but for episode 86, I'll have my bracket up and we can talk about it more at length (mostly about how I picked poorly). There were eleven books, plus two digital/bonus titles, so this episode wound up being a nice bit of everything. Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: America 1, Deadpool 28, Doctor Who Ghost Stories Chapter 004, Extremity 1, Green Lanterns 18, Here's Negan Chapter 011, Moon Knight 12, Nightwing 16, The Once and Future Queen 1, Royal City 1, Savage Things 1, Star Wars 29 and The Walking Dead 165.

News- 0:02:02

Books Pt1- 0:29:44

Sports- 0:46:26

Books Pt2- 0:53:59

Pick of the Week- 1:16:42

Total- 1:23:55

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Episode 083: Beauty is a Curse, Says the Duck Outcast on a Spider-Trek

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty-three is up and ready, and there are no last minute catastrophes like the 2017 Oscars. It was a more slimmed down episode, because next week is Emerald City, which should bulk up the news segment, and next weekend is the selection day for NCAA's March Madness. This was a more straightforward episode, and it clocks in at just under an hour. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: The Beauty 12, Clean Room 16, Curse Words 2, Deadpool the Duck 4, Elektra 1, The Flash 17, Justice League of America 1, Outcast 25, Spider-Man/Deadpool 14, Star Trek-Green Lantern 3 and Wonder Woman 17

News- 0:01:26

Books- 0:09:40

Sports- 0:28:40

Books Pt2- 0:38:45

Pick of the Week- 1:00:01

Total- 1:08:10

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Episode 082: Batwoman Returns

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty-two is up to bat, and it wound up being another biggie! I spent quite a bit of time on the news again- ComicsPRO had tons of goodies to go over, so I dove right in there. Add to that a brief sports segment and twelve books, and you've got a stew goin' baby! I am, as of writing this, parenting solo for 36 solid hours, which is a pretty daunting task, for those who don't have experience with that. So, I am glad I got the podcast up and running before I was on my own... Recording could have been CHAOS then... But it's done, it's here and it's ready- so get to listening! Thanks as always, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Batwoman Rebirth 1, Daredevil 17, Deadpool 27, Doctor Strange/Punisher - Magic Bullets Infinite Comic Chapter 008, KISS 5, Manifest Destiny 26, Nightwing 15, Old Man Logan 18, Trinity 6, The Walking Dead 164 and The Wild Storm 1.

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Episode 081: Back to Business After the Big Game

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode eighty-one is here, kicking your door down a day late- reminding you that I'm still here! I've got a normal list of activities for this week's podcast, but it still clocked in at around 90 minutes!!! I wasn't expecting to go longer than the typical (but, let's be honest- this show is ANYTHING but typical) 60-75 minutes, but I up on my soap box (not really) for the news, and decided I wasn't ready to come down until I had worked the news over for a solid half hour!!! After that, it's all downhill- twelve books and sports are the other hour, so I hope you listen and enjoy! Thanks, as always, for listening!!!

Books Reviewed: All-New Wolverine 17, All-Star Batman 7, Birthright 22, Deadpool the Duck 3, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 003, The Flash 16, Green Valley 5, Justice League of America - Rebirth 1, Kingpin 1, Superwoman 7, The Unworthy Thor 4 and Wonder Woman 16

News- 0:04:24

Books Pt1- 0:34:12

Sports- 0:49:19

Books Pt2- 0:58:35

Pick of the Week- 1:23:13

Total- 1:31:07

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Episode 080: Briefest Daycare, for There's a Superb Owl to be Had!

podcastRyan ClarkComment

The Big Game is here, so to prepare for that, I went ahead and recorded a slimmed down episode of the podcast. Somehow, it still wound up just over an hour, even without going over ten books and combining news and sports into one nice little chunk (I hybridized the intro music- and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out). With this slim and trim format, I feel like I was able to still get a lot done reading wise, picking a nice spread of titles, plus rolling news and sports together allows me to get the non-comics stuff out of the way at the top of the program, so it's all downhill from there... This episode worked pretty well for me in the reading/prep work/recording side of things, so I think from now on, rather than take a whole week off, I will try and do a slightly condensed version, and give us all a bit of a break! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!!

Books reviewed: A&A - The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong 12, Deadpool 26, Here's Negan Chapter 12, Old Man Logan 17, Planet of the Apes - Green Lantern 1, Star Wars 28, Vampirella 0 and The Walking Dead 163.

News & Sports- 0:03:11

Books- 0:21:28

Pick of the Week- 0:51:34

Total- 1:03:51

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Episode 079: Back to the Devil Pool Demon- Wars a Will of Wonder

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode seventy-nine is a day late, I know, and I'm really sorry for it! I wound up succumbing to my recent sinus problems on Sunday night, and found myself sleeping for an extremely long time during the day, so I didn't get around to recording. Then Monday was going to be my go-to for daytime recording, and it wound up thrown into utter chaos... utter chaos, I say! But I bounced back, because you can't keep a good man (or, whatever it is that I am) down long! I got to 13 books, news and sports! Thanks for listening, as always, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Back to the Future - Biff to the Future 1, Daredevil 16, Deadpool 25, Evil Dead 2 - Revenge of Hitler 1, The Flash 15, Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Infinite Comic Chapter 009, Kiss - The Demon 1, The Odyssey of the Amazons 1, Reborn 4, Star Trek - Green Lantern 2, Star Wars 27, Warhammer 40,000 - Will of Iron 4 and Wonder Woman 15

News- 0:02:00

Books Pt1- 0:13:58

Sports Chat- 0:29:39

Books Pt2- 0:35:30

Pick of the Week- 0:58:30

Total- 1:08:44

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Episode 078: Curse the Duck Challenge, and Manifest a Monster Trinity!

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode seventy-eight is complete, and it wound up clocking in at just under ninety minutes! Plus, there's Curse Words (but it's still an all-ages podcast)! I got into some news, some sports chat and thirteen books. This week flew by, and this podcast flew by, too! Thanks as always, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Black Hammer Annual 1, Curse Words 1, Deadpool the Duck 2, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Chapter 8, Justice League of America: The Ray one-shot, Kamandi Challenge Special 1, KISS 4, Manifest Destiny 25, The Mighty Captain Marvel 1, Monsters Unleashed 1, Nightwing 13 and Trinity 5

News- 0:01:43

Books Pt1- 0:19:38

Sports- 0:40:06

Books Pt2- 0:49:27

Pick of the Week- 1:13:47

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Episode 077: 2017 is in Fact Real, Not a Mass Hallucination...

Ryan ClarkComment

Episode 77 is on it's way to your ears, and it is a nice way to really get back to business in 2017! I talked about a bit of news, some sports and twelve books this week. Still no real changes coming format wise, but I am hoping to get some new business cards and/or an updated logo for Brightest Daycare in the coming weeks, which may then spur on more creative endeavors- who knows?!?! Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 16, Birthright 21, Daredevil 15, Deadpool 24, The Flash 14, God Country 1, Justice League/Power Rangers 1, Marvel's New Years Eve Special Infinite Comic One-Shot, Outcast 24, Southern Bastards 16, Superwoman 6 and Wonder Woman 14

News- 0:02:32

Books Pt1- 0:18:07

Sports- 0:32:55

Books Pt2- 0:41:02

Pick of the Week- 1:05:53

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Episode 076: New Year, New You, Same Old Me!

podcastRyan ClarkComment

Episode seventy-six is here, y'all! The new year is kicked off in style! Two weeks worth of reviews all in one neat, little package! I kept the news and sports to a minimum, because there wasn't a lot of sports news and the comic news can get a little stale after two weeks. I am glad to be back after a brief hiatus, and I am ready to jump right back in the deep end for 2017 and get this podcast a'rollin! I hope everyone had a happy new year and a good holiday season overall. I was busy, so taking a few days to just really relax, unwind and recharge the metaphorical batteries really helps to get me ready and raring to go in 2017, and to make this the best year of podcasts that I can! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Week 1- A.D. After Death 2, Clean Room 15, Doctor Who Ghost Stories Chapter 1, Here's Negan Chapter 9, The Mighty Thor 14, Monstress 9, Spider-Man Deadpool 12 and Wonder Woman 13. Week 2- Deadpool the Duck 1, Faith 7, The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom 1, Moon Knight 10, Nightwing 12, Old Man Logan 16 and The Walking Dead 162.

News- 0:03:09

Books Week 1- 0:14:04

Pick of the Week 1- 0:38:23

Sports Chat- 0:42:45

Books Week 2- 0:47:18

Pick of the Week 2- 1:04:47

Total: 1:11:34

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